Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes is a UK Registered Charity (No 1155983) run entirely by unpaid volunteers, whose aim is to provide an out-of-hours, emergency transport service to the NHS, delivering blood and other urgent medical supplies such as platelets, plasma, samples and medical records between hospitals and blood transfusion banks primarily, but not exclusively, in Nottinghamshire.

In critical situations, blood or other medical items need to be delivered urgently in order to help save a patient’s life. Our vehicles, with their ‘hi-viz’ livery, can quickly but safely get through heavy traffic to reach their destination sooner.

We will also provide free transportation services for donor breast milk, collecting from Milk Banks and delivering back to our local hospitals – a vital service for the treatment of premature babies and one which can significantly reduce mortality rates and illness.

We receive no government funding and make no charge to the NHS for our services, so we rely solely on donations and corporate sponsorship to keep us rolling and, in return, saving the NHS tens of thousands of pounds in transport costs so that more money can be directed to front-line services and patient care.



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